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Note 28 March 2014: the organizational chart is under construction and temporarily unavailable. Thank you for your patience. Glenna J. Rogers, principal resource analyst Stephen A. Gourlay, director, AFRD Peter Seidl, deputy director, AFRD Cathy "Sam" Vanecek, executive assistant, AFRD Division Office Diana Attia, business manager, AFRD Web site describing AFRD's Advanced Light Source Accelerator Physics program Web site describing AFRD's Center for Beam Physics Web site describing AFRD's Fusion and Ion Beam Technology Program Web site describing AFRD's Superconducting Magnet Program Web site describing AFRD's Laser and Optical Accelerator Systems Integrated Studies Laboratory (LOASIS) Web site describing AFRD's Free Electron Laser research and development Fernando Sannibale, group leader, Advanced Photoinjector Experiment (APEX), AFRD Peter Seidl, AFRD Environment, Safety, and Health Advisor Bill Wells, AFRD liaison to Environment, Health, and Safety Division Peter Seidl, AFRD representative on the Safety Advisory Committee Patricia Thomas, AFRD Environment, Safety, & Health Coordinator Jean-Luc Vay, Modeling and Simulation Coordinator Derun Li, AFRD Liaison to the Peoples Republic of China Ina Reichel, AFRD Outreach and Diversity Coordinator Max Zolotorev, Senior Scientific Advisor to AFRD

Laboratory Context

Within Berkeley Lab, AFRD works closely on technical matters and shares administrative support with two other organizations that depend on advanced accelerators: the Physics and Nuclear Science Divisions. An important contributor to the success of all three is the Engineering Division, a central technology resource for LBNL. Together these four division make up the Associate Laboratory Directorate for Physical Sciences, under James Symons.

Please consult the Laboratory's organization-chart page for further context and the latest official structure.