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Laboratory Context

Within Berkeley Lab, ATAP works closely on technical matters and shares administrative support with two other organizations that depend on advanced accelerators: the Physics and Nuclear Science Divisions. An important contributor to the success of all three is the Engineering Division, a central technology resource for LBNL. Together these four divisions make up the Physical Sciences Directorate, under Associate Laboratory Director James Symons.

Our division was also the birthplace of the Advanced Light Source, which became an LBNL division in its own right, and we remain deeply involved with operations and upgrades of that national user facility.

Please consult the Laboratory's organization-chart page for further context and the latest official structure.


Accelerator Technology and Applied Physics Division
Building 71, Mailstop 259
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road, Berkeley, CA 94720 USA

+1 510.486.4843 voice
+1 510.486.7981 fax


ATAP Division Director: Wim Leemans,
Division Deputy, Operations: Asmita Patel,
Division Deputy, Technology: Soren Prestemon,
Senior Scientific Advisor: Eric Esarey,

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