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Historical photo of Laboratory founder and cyclotron inventor Ernest Orlando Lawrence at his desk


News: Wim Leemans named AFRD Director. Daniele Filippetto wins DOE Early Career Award.

Particle accelerators have come a long way since Ernest Orlando Lawrence invented the cyclotron and founded the laboratory that now bears his name. Today, accelerators are vital to answering a wide range of questions, from "What is the underlying structure of matter?" to "How do you quickly check a cargo container for explosives?" or "Where can we get electricity without fossil fuels?"

This progress has been made possible by “big science,” which was Lawrence’s trademark way of doing things and one of his most enduring inventions. Big science is not necessarily a matter of size—many of our efforts are quite modest in budget and staffing. The real heart of it is interdisciplinary teamwork focused on the needs of science and the nation.

On this site you can learn about our core programs and find links to colleagues and collaborators from around the world. We thank you for sharing our interest, and welcome you to explore this site and the larger world of accelerators and their uses.